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In SHE’s February/March Issue: Singh Street Style

If you have grown tired of the countless repetitive (and somewhat mundane) fashion bloggers that fill the Internet, then you are not alone.  In next issue of SHE, we explore a revolutionary, untapped market of online fashion.  SHE hears from the founder, Pardeep Singh Bahra, about growing up in Essex wearing a turban and how that influenced his desires to impact the online world. His unique website showcases street fashion featuring extremely well dressed men in turbans. To read more about Bahra’s passion to change the way that the world sees the turban, pick up the next issue of SHE and be sure to check out his website At All that and more in the December/January issue of SHE Canada! Click here to subscribe for 60% off the newsstand price and receive 6 issues annually for only $12 (S&H + HST included). Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and sign up to receive SHE’s weekly newsletter.

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