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In SHE’s February/March Issue: Lululemon Leaves A Sour Taste

In our next issue, SHE investigates the scandal of the active wear century, lululemon. The Canadian yoga wear brand has been sported by millions of women and men. The pants, being especially adored by their female customers, have been known to be both flattering and functional…until a mass recall.  After endless complaints from customers in regards to the quality of the pants, lululemon’s once credible name downward dogged. SHE will look into the inappropriate comments made by the company’s CEO and will explore what CBS news called “the worst apology ever” for their reckless comments that were both fat shaming and disturbing. To learn more about lululemons infamy, pick up the next issue of SHE. All that and more in the December/January issue of SHE Canada! Click here to subscribe for 60% off the newsstand price and receive 6 issues annually for only $12 (S&H + HST included). Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and sign up to receive SHE’s weekly newsletter.

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