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Hyderabad Gets Chic With Tarun Tahiliani

By: Sufia Imam On August 23rd Tarun Tahiliani saw his dreams come to fruition as he launched his first-ever boutique in his most cherished and loved region of India: Hyderabad. Since a very young age, Tahiliani has had a love affair with Hyderabad’s stony landscapes, Decani Domes and old-world allure. The vibrant history and stories of Nawabs, Nizams and Maharajas inspired Tahiliani to create his own unique design that became palpable in his work. In spite of his adoration for traditional Hyderabad costume, the Indian designer aspired to combine modern fashion with a historical touch. He designed the jewel t-shirt, inspired by the jewelry of the Niwabs. Thus, Tahiliani’s line of clothing has been created to provide a glimpse of the present turn of fashion while also giving its respects to the ancient technique of draping, folding and motif. Though he has accepted the aesthetic changes in the transient years of fashion, Tarun Tahiliani reminds us that some styles are indeed timeless. The boutique is located in the charming confines of an antique house on Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. Additionally, Tarun Tahiliani put his own efforts to design the complete interior of the boutique.

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