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How to Make it on YouTube

By: Myrtle Jurado Have you ever wanted to start your on YouTube channel, but were just too shy or nervous? We chatted with Canadian YouTube makeup guru, msdebramaye, on her Internet fame and her tips on how to make it in the YouTube industry. First of all, thank you, SHE Magazine for featuring me in this interview! All the best of success to your company, and best of luck on a successful launch! - Debra Maye What made you decide to start a YouTube channel? I first discovered "Beauty" related videos back in 2007. I honestly don't know what made me stumble upon the first makeup tutorial I ever watched, but I am so glad that I did! The first video that I watched was by Panacea81, a mother from the UK. Her video thumbnails were what caught my eye! She did the most amazing looks; unique, colorful, and bold. After watching every video/tutorial she had, I started to venture off to other Youtube "gurus" such as Fafinettex3 & Kandeejohnson. I couldn't help but notice my interest grow into an addiction! My makeup collection was no bigger than a shoebox and I barely knew a THING about how to put on makeup! These gurus taught me the meaning of "blending" and playing with color! The more I kept watching them, the more I felt the desire to share my beauty tips as well. I felt that I had a strong enough background of "beauty" knowledge from completing Cosmetology in High School, then one day I just decided to take my digital camera, and filmed my first tutorial! Is filming tutorials and such as nerve-racking as it looks, or are you just a natural? Definitely nerve-racking at first; I didn't have a clue what I was getting myself into. I didn't even think anyone would see my videos. Back in 2007, the YouTube Beauty Community was nowhere near as popular and as demanding as it is today. In person, I am known to be shy at first but once I started to receive my first comments on my videos, that gave me the push that I needed to be more comfortable with presenting myself online. It definitely didn't come naturally at first, but as the saying goes, "practice makes perfect". I am by no means anywhere near perfection, I'll fill you in on a little fact though: sometimes it takes me 100 times to say what I want to say! Thank God for editing! I am definitely more confident in myself than I have ever been on a personal level and I can thank YouTube for that! If you could meet any famous YouTuber, who would it be and why? Hmm. Gosh there are so many I would love to meet! Over my time online, I have definitely made some online friends within the YouTube Beauty Community. I couldn't possibly just choose one, but the following are some of the women that have definitely made an impact on me: Kandeejohnson, Itsjudytime, Fafinettex3, MichellePhan, Bubzbeauty, Ilikeweylie & MakeupgeekTV. Tell us the truth: can you make a decent living off of YouTube partnerships? I know for a fact that one could definitely quit their daytime job if they became successful enough from YouTube. I have been a partner with YouTube since 2008 or 2009 I believe, and I know that if I kept going strong and never stopped, the earnings could definitely be substantially higher! The huge factor in making a living off of YouTube is the connections you make with other companies who choose to either sponsor you, endorse you or even hire you onto their company from being discovered online! Think about Justin Bieber for example. His YouTube videos are what got him started in the music business and look at him today! There are so many outlets that are out there -- even Ellen has been known to make the best discoveries. Same with the beauty community for the gurus who have been lucky enough to have been discovered because of their talent! How do you deal with negative feedback/comments, if any? Negative comments or any form of criticism. Although I have always thought of myself as my toughest critic, I will admit that I have received my fair share of negative comments. I never thought I would ever have to run into that issue when I first started my channel. It's as simple as the saying, "you can never make EVERYONE happy". Putting yourself or your personal life out there for millions to see is definitely taking a risk and exposing yourself to everyone's opinions -- which they are more than entitled to having. At first, I really took negative comments personally and it really took its toll on my ego. You will always have that ONE person or group of people who don't like what you have to offer and the only thing that really helped me deal with these attacks was the immense support that I received from my loyal followers. I learned to just ignore the negative "hater" comments, and was just astonished at how my amazing subscribers would come so quick to my defense. Even until now, if I see any level of negativity, it still kind of makes me disappointed, but I quickly learned to never dwell on people you cannot please. Same goes with life. As long as you know you did the best you could, then that's all you can ever do for yourself. What's your current favourite makeup trend? My favorite makeup trend, one that has stuck with me for the longest time, is the wonderful "Cat-Eye". That will never go out of style for me. On most days I always keep my makeup very quick and simple. A winged tip on my eyes always gave me the extra boost of confidence, even in just saying, "Yes, I'm ready to go out!" Do you have any advice for anybody wanting to start their own channel? If I can do it, you definitely can too! Everyone has their own style to express and discover. I fully encourage anyone to start their channel and share their story and advice. It's never too late to take a leap into faith. Be true to yourself, and don't ever change who you are. Like I said, I never thought ANYONE would ever take interest in what I had to offer, but now I wouldn't have it any other way. I love supporting new channels!    

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