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Styling Tips for Your Man

Is your man's wardrobe lacking pizazz?  We have found some of fashion's freshest new looks that are easy to throw on.  It really is all about the fine details; take a look at how these simple pieces are cleverly styled to bring a fashion-forward physique.


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The asymmetrical shirt tuck started in women's fashion and is now making an appearance in men's.  This styling tip has got to be the simplest trick ever, but it will take a man from looking average to fresher-than-average.  If you're wearing your dress shirt like this, you know what's up.  Leave the top few buttons undone and let the shirt sport the sunnies for extra swag points.

Sweater Ties:

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Sweater ties are the new neckties.  Not only does this trick solve the problem of  whether or not to wear a sweater in Toronto's unpredictable weather, but it gives an impression of refined ease.  It kicks a mediocre outfit up a notch.  We also love that it's in blush pink monochrome.

One-Strap It:

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Two-straps are so yesterday.  Make a modern statement and rock those dungarees with just one-strap.  There is so much effortless spunk to this look.  Pair it with a hoodie with the sleeves rolled up to keep it casual and fun.

Tuck It In:

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For a fresh take on timeless plaid, tuck it in and layer it with an oversized jean vest.  If you're feeling extra adventurous, leave the top few buttons undone and sport your favourite chain.  Even without the vest this is a sophisticated way to wear your favourite plaid shirt.  Pairing it with some relaxed fit high-waist trousers will make it an all-around clean look.

Man Purse:

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The man purse is a thing.  A more urbane take on the recently popularized fanny pack, a man purse is an easy way to make a statement.  We also love that it's in snakeskin, shattering the feminine reputation of animal print.  Note the leopard print pants that also back up this notion.   Larissa Bons

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