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How Much Would You Pay to Attend NYFW?

By Kaitlynn Smith New York Fashion Week is the ultimate place to see and be seen, and it appears some desperate fashion fans would do anything - and pay any amount to attend. The majority of fashion show invitees are celebrities, journalists, photographers, bloggers or in PR and get an invite for free.  A new black-market for fashion week tickets have seen ads on Craigslist for a jaw-dropping $1,600. One particular posts by an ‘industry’ professional advertised two tickets to the Vera Wang show for $1,600 per ticket, hoping to sell the pair together for a whopping $3,200 total. article-2416793-1BBCC22F000005DC-770_634x191 However, the ad fails to mention where the seats are located, which would be a prime indicator of their value or worth. The high price is unusual when seats in the American Express Skybox at Lincoln Center (fashion week headquarters) cost $150-$200 with a gold card. The Vera Wang tickets are the priciest to go on sale, as tickets to Carolina Herrera were listed at $500 each.enhanced-buzz-18965-1378761917-0 One Craigslist ad is even selling tickets to lesser-known designer shows for $500 each.article-2416793-1BBCC237000005DC-144_634x513 It seems that ticket brokers have finally reached the fashion world. Would you be willing to pay top dollar for a chance to see your favourite designs walk the runway?

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