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Christmas is 49 days away, and we all know that with Christmas comes snow, cold weather, slush, and the sun going down at 5pm. For some of us winter time means snowboarding and tobogganing for others it means hiding inside by the fire-place with hot chocolate and only going out when we have to. Winter time is when most Canadians decide to go elsewhere for their holiday, even if it is just for a week. A week in the sun with your feet in the sand will improve your overall happiness, until the snow melts away.

For those of you that enjoy the winter time, and embrace the cold there are always other places to travel to that encourage the outdoor winter lifestyle. Not only will the resort cater to your every need outside, but inside it is a world of luxuries, for those who didn’t want to go on the ski vacation.

Carnival Cruise

If you do not have that much time off in between cleaning up from Christmas day until heading back to work after New Year’s, a 4 day mini cruise to the Bahamas is perfect for you. Carnival Cruise line leaves from Orlando Florida in the late afternoon, so flying in that day is not a problem, and once you are there and on the cruise, you will engage in 4 days of the most over-the-top experience one could imagine. The luxuries of the cruise are endless. From dancing and singing on the pool deck to live nighttime entertainment, night clubs, spas and children’s day care. There is nothing that the cruise does not offer— and this is all before you reach your destination to the Bahamas. It is a perfect getaway for a family, and for couples, with lots for everyone to do and see.

Banff Caribou Lodge and Spa

If you are looking for a different type of vacation over the holidays, and you live on the east coast of Canada, then Banff Alberta is the place for you. There are many great resorts around the Banff area, all catering to your every need. There is one that stands out the most for me however: Banff Caribou Lodge and Spa. The amenities here cater to both, those who want to adventure around in the outside and those who want to pamper themselves at the Red Earth Spa. For an average cost of $110-$180/night over the weekend (for 2 people in the room) you will be able to enjoy everything Banff has to offer. While you are there, the lodge supplies you with a pass for ROAM, a bus that will take you to all the sites you will want to see in Banff, including the mountains where you can hit the slopes. If you are not an expert at skiing or snowboarding they provide lessons for those who want to learn. The lodge is a perfect place to relax and inhale the fresh mountain air.

By: Ashley Kyron

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