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H&M Set to Launch New Beauty Line

H&M beauty line pic 2 Out with the old and in with the new is exactly the case when it comes to H&M's beauty products. With H&M being known for its various collaborations with celebrities and designers, along with eco friendly lines, the brand is now making it easier than ever to love it even more. The leading retailer  has recently announced the launch of a new beauty line set to hit over 900 stores globally this Fall. The new line, which will be replacing the old beauty line will include makeup, hair care, body care, and beauty tools, and will have over 700 products ready to go at launch time. Labeled as "fashion for the face," the products will come in gold tinted packaging and will be available at an affordable price point. The products will focus on seasonal looks, trends, and colours with fresh and limited edition colours available every season. What's even more exciting is that H&M will have new dedicated beauty areas in their stores to help customers test out and experiment with different looks. Also included will be 2 subsidiary collections - a premium line consisting of higher quality products at a higher price point, and an Ecocert-approved line called "Conscious Beauty." This eco friendly line will consist of organic, and sustainable formulas wrapped in packages made from recycled materials. Matching your nail polish or lipstick to your outfit will be a breeze this Fall, H&M might just become a one stop shop with everything from clothing to accessories and beauty products. H&M beauty line nail polish H&M beauty line lipsticks  

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