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Halal Restaurant Spotlight: Joummar Restaurant

This week we will be taking a look at a new up and coming Halal Middle Eastern restaurant located in Mississauga! Joummar Restaurant opened it's doors on October 20th and it has been creating a lot of buzz around the middle eastern and halal community.

The restaurant has gotten amazing reviews thanks to it's delicious food and welcoming atmosphere, their motto of "Food with Experience" does not disappoint as they deliver exquisite tasting middle eastern food to a Canadian Market.

Ever since it's opening the restaurant has been packed with it's growing fan base inviting other middle eastern family and friends as well as Canadians who are eager to try out this outstanding middle eastern cuisine!

Make sure to check them out! They are located at 2575 Dundas St W, Mississuaga, On. They are opened from 1pm-10pm everyday! Saturdays and Sundays you will require a reservation, to make one just call 1-833-JOUMMAR !  

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