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Gypset Travel


In her newest book, "Gypset Travel", Juila Chaplin has combined the hippie bohemian look with "jet-set elements" in this coffee table book. Set in remote places around the world, it features such as Todos Santos, Mexico; Lamu, Kenya; and Montauk, New York. The remote locations for her book was done so that she could capture the fashion and show to readers the unique fashion sense around the world mixed up with some bohemian accents.

In Lamu, Kenya, she describes the fashion and ethnicity as "very exotic and highly Islamic part in Kenya", she goes on to say that "women wear long sarongs and are fully veiled while the men wear long sarongs."

Her love for the bohemian fashion came from her parents who were hippies in the 60's and 70's. For her finding her inner gypsy/hippie soul wasn't hard to come by while writing her second book. Her first one titled 'Gypset" which sold very well.

The book "Gypset" which she has now made into a brand - launching a clothing line named "Extended Travel" and a website She says that the idea behind her clothing line is "if you have a little hedonisitc party in Ibiza or Montauk - you can wear them."

We look forward to the launch of the book, which will be happening this Saturday at "The Crow's Nest" located in Montauk, New York.

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