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Get To Know: WAH Nails (Olympic Edition)

By: Frances Du Like everyone else in cybersphere, I’ve been happily relying on Twitter and Instagram to satisfy my Olympic fever. There’s Stella McCartney! Kris Jenner with pint-sized Shawn Johnson! It’s almost too much. But the photo that really caught my eye today didn't feature a celebrity, but rather, just really amazing nail art which has inspired another edition of Get To Know. This Olympic-themed nail art is created by a London-based company called WAH Nails who believes in getting “whatever you wan[t] on  your fingertips.” What started as a small fanzine back in 2005, which celebrated females in the hip-hop scene and their brand of street-smart feminism, quickly morphed into a nail art business when founder Sharmadean Reid's specific nail art request was denied at a salon. The rejection spurred Reid to develop WAH Nails, a custom design nail art salon which opened in the trendy East End of London back in the summer of 2009. Despite the global critical acclaim (Vogue has called WAH “Dalson’s coolest nail salon/gallery/shop”), the gritty salon still acknowledges its small time roots, favoring community spirit above all else. WAH is more than just a nail salon. It’s an artistic hub, which fuels conversation (it also happens to be the site of record launch parties, art shoes, and film screenings). And now after partnering up with major labels like Nike, Marc Jacobs, and Diesel to throw some rollicking parties, WAH has also opened another store in Topshop Oxford Circus, located in one of the busiest shopping arenas in the world. How’s that for global domination?

Becchara Palmer from the women’s Australian beach volleyball team finding time to get wah’d.

  For those who want to get wah’d or just ohh and ahh over some giggle-inducing nail art, check out their website:

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