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Get to Know: DIA Collections

DIA Collections offers women irresistible everyday luxury in the form of silk lounge-wear. Designer Lydia Tsung's innovative creations  combine comfort with style effortlessly. We may never want to leave our homes again! In her interview with SHE, Tsung speaks about the brand's origin and ethos.


How did the idea for a luxury sleep/lounge wear line come about? I made my mother a padded silk house jacket for Christmas many years ago.  She often told me stories of her childhood and how people would wear silk padded clothing to keep warm in the cold humid winters.  I ended up wearing the jacket through the harsh cold winters during my work placement in China.  It was lightweight and incredibly warm. In many Canadian homes we are all too familiar with the bitter cold of winter, the constant hunch we all have from wearing too many heavy layers.  DIA came to being when I began to question what would be the ultimate clothing to wear for home.  For the mother coming home from a long day of work, for the grandmother who wears heavy layers because she always feels cold, for the woman who wants to relax but still feel sexy without all the trimmings of lingerie.  It’s truly a collection for all women. Describe your design aesthetic?? Simple elegance.  I wanted to create designs that would be timeless.  Not be caught up with what’s the latest fashion trend, and suitable for all kinds of women.  I focus on function, wearability and of course, beauty.  Women regardless of any time, age, or size want to wear something that makes the feel beautiful. What is the inspiration behind your current collection?? Fall/ Winter 2012 was inspired by the beauty and history of Italy.  It was my romantic take of what Italian women would be like, their passion and sexuality.  The colours reflect the history, their food and their way of life. Why should the everyday woman invest in one of your pieces?? It’s investing in ourselves.  We spend a third of our lives sleeping. That third is healing, processing the day’s stresses, correcting the body, and resting the soul.  DIA’s signature padded robe was created because we have not yet seen the likes of it in the current market.  Silk’s natural healing properties are enhanced.  The feeling of wearing it is incomparable.  It is the ultimate luxurious comfort. You stress the importance of the use of silk, why?? I wanted to use a high quality natural material that has more benefits to our bodies other than just clothing.  As we age, some people develop allergies or sensitivity to synthetic materials and can create a host of skin problems.  Silk is breathable and hypoallergenic.  Its famous properties have been used as surgical sutures to disposable cups, drug delivery systems and holograms. We as consumers are becoming more aware of what we do to the environment and what we wear is largely responsible.  Silk is a natural biodegradable product made from the cocoon of the mulberry silkworm Bombyx mori.  It’s 5000 year history of being the world’s most luxurious material is unchanged.  Once only allowed for emperors, it is now widely available.
How is your silk sourced??
Silk originates from eastern China and is still the largest producer to this day, therefore its manufacturing methods have remain unchanged. Do you have any plans to expand to a men’s or daywear line? Much of our current collection already can integrate into daywear however we would like to eventually develop an actual daywear line.  We are very excited to be currently working on our men's line and we also have a baby item which debuts for fall.               DIA’s full collection is now available at

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