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Get To Know: Cirque Du Soleil, The Modern-Day Circus

  By: Frances Du What began as a theater troupe in the 1980s has now become a major entertainment company based in Quebec. This incredible show composed of seemingly impossible physical feats has astounded people from all over the globe. Employing over 5,000 dancers, acrobats, stuntmen, fire-breathers (the list goes on and on), their death-defying stunts and elaborate musical performances (which in recent years have been tributes to legends like the Beatles and the late great king of pop, Michael Jackson) are all interwoven into a hypnotic, collaborative presentation which uses madcap costumes, electronic music, and vibrant colors to maximum effects. Their mission “to create emotion through motion” has transported audiences to imaginary worlds where mythical creatures roam around otherworldly landscapes, testing the boundaries of reality.

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