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Garnier Launches their First Dark Spot Tissue Mask in Canada

image004 By: Qaitlin Singh Are you tired of looking in the mirror and seeing those unflattering dark spots that age your skin? Do you wish there was some way they could all just disappear? Well, your wish has come true with the introduction of Garnier’s very first dark spot tissue mask that was just launched in Canada! The dark spot tissue mask is the newest skincare addition to Garnier’s long list of beauty products. This 10 minute effortless transformation gives skin a more youthful glow while nurturing it with Vitamin C to make tired skin, well, not so tired anymore! An absolute must have that Garnier has also added to their line of skincare is the dark spot hand cream. Like the tissue mask, the hand cream nourishes skin with Vitamin C. It in addition, packs a three-part punch with dark spot correction, dark spot prevention, and the rejuvenation of thirsty skin. The hand cream is also pretty handy, pardon the pun, because it protects skin from further discolouration with its built in SPF 30! Whatever your skissue (skin issue) is, whether you have those pesky dark spots, an uneven skin tone, or maybe you just have dry skin that’s in deep need of a fresh pick me up; Garnier’s dark spot tissue mask plus the dark spot hand cream will work wonders. Soon you’ll be looking like Deepika Padukone, so don’t be surprised if someone comes up and asks for an autograph!

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