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Gabby Douglas Wins Gold; Critics Tell Her to Fix Her Hair

By Priya Kumar-- Reporting from London First and foremost, SHE is thrilled to be writing directly from the Olympics. Yesterday was especially exciting because we sat in on one of the most popular competitions of the games; the Individual Artistic Gymnastics Finals. In the spirt of the Olympics, the games bring together the best of the best in the world of sports. The various countries' gymnastics teams include some of the youngest athletes to compete in the games, many of whom are barely 16-- yet it was one of these nascent athletes that nabbed the gold and the hearts of spectators around the world.  Her name is Gabby Douglas and she led USA's modern day Dream Team to victory first in the Group Finals on Tuesday and then snagged the gold for herself in the Individual Artistic Gymnastics Finals.

Gabby in mid-leap on the beam

In her final floor exercise, Gabby owned the predominantly British audience. Commentators later described her routine to "We Speak No Americano" as "Club Gabby" with everyone in the room routing for her. In spite of all the hard work and years of training this young lady has put in (she even moved away from her family in Virginia Beach to train with a top coach in Iowa), many critics could not stop talking about her hair over Twitter.

Up Close of Gabby at the Finals

  Many users called it unkept, over gelled and that it should mimic other gymnasts ballerina style buns/perfect ponies. Oddly enough, her hairstyles are much neater than those of her teammates who have in the past had unruly strands of hair sticking out during the games. Perhaps this is simply a case of jealousy-- with her hard work and talent out shining the competition it's only natural that she would end up in the line of fire. While this ridiculous debate rages on via Twitter, Gabby is far too busy being congratulated by the likes of Oprah, Michael Phelps and Nicky Minaj to weigh in on it.  

Gabby at the the Victory Ceremony with her Gold

Having edged Viktoria Komova out by three tenths of a point with a score of 62.232, Gabby has one more honor than two gold medals to her name; she is the first African-American to win a gold in the individual finals. She may only be 4 foot 11, but this pint sized athlete is standing on top of the gymnastics world.      

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