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Fashion Steps Up Against the Fur Trade


In recent months, the fashion industry appears to be finding its voice – its political voice. While designers like Stella McCartney have always been extremely vocal about their ongoing support for animal rights, more and more designers have made the decision to remove fur from their collections in recent months. When brands like Gucci have gone on record to say that “it’s a little bit outdated” to continue using fur in its collections, it’s safe to say that more designers will follow suit. Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Armani, and most recently Versace and Furla have publicly announced that they will no longer include fur in their designs.

This anti-fur movement has also started to affect the publishing industry, with the editor-in-chief of In Style magazine stating that they will no longer include fur clothing in their photo shoots. They are the first magazine to ban fur from their editorial shoots and they will also stop accepting advertising from brands that promote the use of fur. Whether this move will catch on with other publications remains to be seen, but it’s definitely a step towards a fur-free future.

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