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Top 5 Fall 2015 Couture


Our Top Picks from the Fall 2015 couture shows:

1. Chanel

Creative director, Karl Lagerfeld is constantly pushing the envelope, taking risks with silhouettes and styles which was perfectly reflected in the casino themed show this time around. We saw the return of the biggest suit of the 20th century back into the 21st along with big, bold shoulders without shoulder pads and the use of epaulettes to accentuate the line giving off almost a militant vibe. Bringing us back to Chanel's roots, a jacket with crushed pink camellias reminded us of Paris before Coco Chanel changed the world of fashion forever. The models carried the collection with heavy brows, rouged cheeks, and wigs that were uniform throughout the show.

_020_CHA0351 (1) _004_CHA0195 _064_CHA0761 (1) _067_CHA0819 (1)                                

2. Giambattista Valli

Volume in all types of amounts - high, low, wide, and narrow is what Giambattista Valli's show was all about. Feathers and tulle bursting out of narrow silhouettes combined with different prints and colours (mainly orange) showed that Valli isn't afraid to take risks. Every single piece had a sense of peculiarity mixed with it and we were shown that Valli is all for old school, alta moda.

_ULY1473 _ULY1492                                 _ULY1836 _ULY2621                                

 3. Christian Dior

Described as part church, part garden party, and part nightclub in Ibiza, Christian Dior is always a fairy tale. The theme felt almost like we were transported into another dimension with a purple grass carpet providing a hallucinatory quality, along with the scattered "forbidden fruit" inspired by Adam and Eve. The attention was definitely on huge, draping jackets featuring one arm which was perfectly balanced with white, while flowing Guinevere dresses mixed purity with a deep rooted physicality. Just like Dior was inspired by the second world war, Raf Simons found inspiration in a place where most wouldn't look and seemed to realize that sometimes forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest.

_DIO0885 _DIO0509                                   _DIO0647 _DIO0853                                    

 4. Elie Saab

Couture brand, Elie Saab is known for their jaw dropping, breath taking gowns, and this collection was no different. With more gold tones and a couple of jewel tones such as emerald and ruby, the collection had a lighter touch than usual and a sense of innocence lingered in the air. Elie Saab has definitely started to explore with different necklines, silhouettes, and details. This collection featured a halter neckline, fur details on the shoulders, hemlines just above the ankles, a delicately embroidered pantsuit, and gold metal flowers used for embellishment.

_A2X0111 _A2X0541                                       _A2X0759 _A2X0836                                      

5. Valentino

Rome is where the heart of Valentino lies and this was quite evident in the latest collection. Creative directors Maria Grazia Chiuri and Piepaolo Piccioli usually put a hint of their Italian heritage into the collections, but decided to bring the collection home resulting in a standing ovation. Each piece paired with a gold headband, the collection also featured historic symbols from Rome in various pieces. Many raised the issue of so much black being used in the collection to which Piepaolo Piccioli had the perfect reasoning, "Rome is just a little bit noir, a little sinister."

_UMB4055 _UMB4710                                       _UMB5088 _UMB4933

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