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Is This the End of Skinny Jeans?

For years and years, skinny jeans have been the queen bee of pants. Designers experimented with different shades of denim, fabrics, and patterns – but skinny jeans always dominated. According to a Bloomberg News report, retailers such as Gap and Bloomingdales are abandoning this fit in favor of looser styles. Some of these include palazzo pants, boyfriend jeans, and even “dressy” sweatpants. This apparently has a lot to do with the athletic-wear trend that is becoming increasingly popular. According to research firm NPD, denim sales have dropped 6% this year, yet there has been a rapid rise of athletic-leisure brands. Companies like Lululemon are really thriving, and other clothing brands have added much more athletic wear to their line to try and get a piece. “Busy women want clothes they can wear to yoga and to work,” a general manager of Gap’s Athleta brand told Bloomberg. “Women don’t want to change five times a day.” Over the years we’ve seen denim trends such as flared, bootcut, and wide-legged have a bit of a moment, but they never stuck around for too long. Even more, many fashion houses created pants that are “super-skinny.” The lesson we can take away from this: don’t throw out your skinnies just yet!

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