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Downton Abbey Releases Beauty Line Across The Pond

By:Emily Durhamdowntin abbey lips The British television sensation, Downton Abbey is teaming up with retailer Marks & Spenser on a beauty line inspired by the show. The line was released mid-October and includes soaps, lip balms, body lotions, and nail polishes for a look that is just as dramatic as the series. The vintage gold and burgundy packaging sports famous quotes from the series (our favorite is “now stop talking and kiss me, before I get cross.”) The beauty products are sold in M&S stores and will be branching into North America soon. The adorable packaging and colours and fragrances will be perfect for holiday gifts.   The show has also inspired several other unique gift ideas for your devoted Downton Abbey lover. Knockout Licensing, which is handling the merchandising for the show in North America, is looking to design vintage jewelry and tree ornaments for this holiday season.  Also available is a Downton red wine- a French claret developed by “Wines That Rock.” This company has also branded wines for Pink Floyd and The Rolling Stones. With the highly praised reviews of the show, we hope to see more vintage products crossing the pond into Canadian stores.

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