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Diamonds Are Now Your Skin’s Best Friend Too

There’s a new facial in town – and its bringing diamonds and Chanel together.  Dr. Amy Wechsler, a certified psychologist and dermatologist in New York City, has formed this radiance-boosting facial, which will literally make you glow like a diamond. When discussing the treatment at a recent Chanel beauty event, Dr. Wechsler said, “Radiance describes an overall improvement in the texture and look of the skin. When you get complimented that your skin looks great and you look like you’ve had a week vacation, that’s radiance.” And that is exactly what this unique treatment that combines diamonds and Chanel products promises to give you. Dr. Wechsler will provide the facial at her office. The process takes 15 minutes and involves getting microdermabrasion done, using a vacuum tube with a diamond tip. The vacuum works to clean your skin of dead cells and dirt, all while giving you a pleasant massage. After, completing the exfoliation part, Chanel’s Hydra Beauty Serum is applied. The serum, which has the “power to protect your beauty and restore all your radiance,” will leave you shining bright all day. Pricing is yet to be released but we can imagine that being fabulous doesn’t come cheap.

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