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Designer Accuses Toronto Men’s Fashion Week for Being Homophobic

Toronto Men's Fashion Week began yesterday and the show's organizers are already facing backlash. This is because designer, Mic. Carter's collection was dropped from the show just three days before the event. Mic. Carter alleges his collection, named L'Uomo Strano, was deemed "too feminine" and "not masculine enough" whilst the show's organizers claim the garments were "frayed" and didn't meet quality standards. The designer shared the following status update on Facebook on Monday night.
The Toronto designer spent nearly five months and about $10,000 on the collection. He is no longer sure when the garments will show. It’s a tough as Toronto holds only a few fashion shows in comparison to other cities and the ones they do show are the prime places to make money among local buyers and media.
“They thought it was all extremely feminine and that it would be really embarrassing. They said they were concerned about the headlines saying that womenswear is being shown at men’s fashion week,” said Carter, 29.
However, TOMFW's executive director Jeff Rustia says the allegations are false. “It’s not true at all,” said Rustia. “The workmanship needs to be improved. He needs to work harder on his collection.”
As for homophobia, Rustia said the idea is “absolutely ridiculous.” Desingner Mic. Carter is attempting to take a positive outlook on the situation and says, “I’m trying not to take it personally and put it in to perspective. They wanted something that was very corporate.”
Designer himself, Mic. Carter

Designer himself, Mic. Carter

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