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Coca Cola’s new Label-less campaign for Ramadan

As part of a new initiative, Coca Cola has removed its iconic label from cans in the Middle East during Ramadan. This campaign encourages people not to judge others based on appearance and promotes equality. Between June 17 and July 17, the Middle Eastern Coca Cola branch will remove its logo from cans, leaving one side blank, and the other reading “labels are for cans, not for people. ” Along with the label-less coke cans, Coca Cola also released a video sharing the same powerful message. The video depicts a group of men sitting around a dinner table, similar to a traditional Iftar, but seated in complete darkness. The main focus of the exercise was to help abolish prejudice based on appearance, basically reiterating the fact that you should not judge a book based on its cover. The men were shown talking for a while before the lights were switched on, and it was heartwarming to see how pleasantly surprised they were by the appearances of their peers. The video highlights the importance of ignoring stereotypes and taking the time to get to know people before judging them. The campaign works in conjunction with Coca Cola’s global “Let’s Take an Extra Second” movement, which reminds people that it only takes 7 seconds to form prejudice based on appearance, but only an extra second to break it down. Coca Cola has really made a bold statement in the conversation, and we are eager to see positive results come out of this campaign.   Images via adweek.com

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