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Charlotte Tilbury’s Makeup Revolution

20150624_181131_resized   Charlotte Tilbury is no novice in the makeup industry. With over 20 years of experience, she has toured the world with different celebrities, doing cover shoot after cover shoot, and often behind the scenes at fashion weeks donning models with flawless makeup. Her friendship with celebrities such as Kate Moss and Penelope Cruz have inspired colours like Nude Kate, and Penelope Pink which sell like crazy in England and the United States. Last week Canada got its own taste of the Charlotte Tilbury line, available exclusively at Holt Renfrew. The record-breaking release of this makeup collection was celebrated on June 24th, at Holt Renfrew’s Bloor St. location. The event was packed with makeup lovers attempting to get a glimpse of the #1 makeup artist in the world, and get their hands on the coveted line. If you’re looking to splurge on makeup, this line is a must have, especially the Magic Cream, which is a total game changer in the moisturizer world. As soon as this cream is applied, you will feel your face become hydrated and succulent. Tilbury has created a wide range of cosmetic products, each catering to a different look. You can pick and choose products to achieve the “golden goddess,” “the bombshell,” “the uptown girl,” or even “the rock chick” look! In a recent Google hangout with Holt Renfrew, Charlotte emphasized the versatility of her products saying they can be played up or down depending on how you're feeling that day. Her main focus has always been to help women feel empowered when they put on makeup. Statistics have shown that 50% of women claim they don’t wear makeup because they don’t know how to, or they don’t know what suits them. Charlotte Tilbury is working to change this by creating easy to use products that can be easily adjusted to enhance one’s natural beauty. In her talk Tilbury emphasized the idea of a "makeup wardrobe," explaining that she has created a full range of face products that are meant to compliment each other, therefore never leaving you wondering which lip colour will look best with your shadow. An important lesson drawn from her chat with Holts is that makeup is not meant to be a mask to cover up  imperfections, rather makeup is meant to enhance one's already beautiful features and accentuate the best version of yourself. We love this sentiment and message of confidence for all women out there!   20150624_175552_resized

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