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Celebrate Earth Month With Aveda!

It's Earth month, ladies and gents!  Forty-two years ago, Earth day was established to create awareness and to just simply appreciate our valued planet. There are plenty of ways to take part and contribute to the lovely ground we walk on, and what better way to celebrate Earth month than with Aveda? Aveda's mission is to care for the world they live in, setting an example not only to their consumers but to the public in general. The beauty brand is heavily known for it's large contribution to the environment and has made a huge impact on the people who buy their products. Stated on Aveda's environmental sustainability policy: At Aveda, we believe that environmental sustainability must be an important component of all responsible business decisions. We also believe that industries will increasingly discover that environmentally sustainable actions can improve the bottom line. Since their founding in 1978, Aveda has celebrated Earth month every step of the way. However, in 1999, the brand decided to take matters into their own hands by raising money for organizations that directly affect environmental change and water-related causes. Aveda has approximately raised $56 million for many organizations around the world. This year, Aveda's Earth Month campaign will unite network officials and guests to raise $7 million from all over the world in an effort to protect clean water. Canada's goal is to raise $600,000. The campaign has already surpassed $70,000 and key fundraising events to look out for are the Aveda Global Cut-A-Thon held on April 7th, and the 8th annual Walk For Water held across the nation on April 22nd. Win prizes by donating and supporting the cause! It's a win-win situation, really. For more information on the campaign,visit I Walk For WaterDon't forget to log on to Aveda's website for free shipping for the entire month of April on Aveda's website! Join in on the fun and help protect our beloved Earth at the same time. Look out for SHE's full feature on Aveda coming soon in our June/July issue! Make sure you don't miss it and subscribe here. Happy Earth Month, everyone!

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