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Case Study, When Your Smartphone Makes A Statement

By Lindsay Cooper With most modern women having a closet stuffed full of a rotating stock of bags, wallets, and shoes, there aren’t many accessories she takes with her everywhere. Of course her wardrobe holds a few staples (the go-to patent pump with coordinating belt and bag), but not too many coveted items have the honour of being toted along all day, every day, so it is of utmost importance that those that do make the right statement. Now that it seems phone cases are being sold everywhere, you would think finding the right one would be easier than ever. Not the case (excuse our pun). To help you along the way to making just the right statement with your phone case this season, we have rounded up our favourite statement pieces. 1. Moschino Fresh Couture iPhone 6 case, $131 at Shopbop. Moshino phone case FRESH 2. Wildflower Pink Stone iPhone 6/6S case, $48 at Wildflower. Wild Flower PCRY2016-Pink-Crystal-iPhone-6s-Case_90bf3542-4ac2-4971-898b-ac0d91badcf4 3. Zero Gravity Desire iPhone 6/6S case, $44 at Shopbop. Desire Floral iPhone Case for iPhone 6 and 6S _ ZGLA - ZERO GRAVITY 4. Valfré Shell Phone 3D iPhone 6/6S case, $52 at Valfré. Valfie shell-phone-mermaid-valfre-iphone-case_1024x1024_copy_53e25a27-399a-4d81-8391-f9982cab48b7_1024x1024 5. Skinny Dip London Blue Dolphin iPhone 6/6S case, $35 at Skinny Dip London. Skinnydip_iPhone_6_Blue_Dolphin_Case_1_1024x1024 6. Valfré Blanco 3D iPhone 6/6S case, $52 at Valfré. Valfie blanco-back_1024x1024_copy_1024x1024_766f3ee0-e504-493a-8c19-b0cc994144ea_1024x1024 7. Stella McCartney Lips iPhone 6/6S case, $105 at Shopbop. Stella McCartney    

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