SHE Canada says Thank-You!

Our new issue is out and we're hoping our readers are delighted once again. Make sure you get your copy of SHE's October/November issue with Aliya-Jasmine Sovani on the cover where we've got exclusive photos from her photoshoot with us. In the meantime, we'd like to share some awesome feedback from our dedicated readers!
"I was looking forward to reading SHE magazine, since hearing about it; and
I was not disappointed. The magazine printed on a high quality gloss paper,
had many articles relevant to the interests of the South Asian fashion
savvy featuring both modern and traditional fashion. Loaded with tips,
articles featuring travel and culture, I read it from cover to cover and
always look forward to the next edition. ps. hubby is  a fan too...... ;)"
-Zubia Qureshi

I like SHE Canada because it covers fashion/style trends that are often
missed in mainstream women's magazines in Canada. It fills a real need in
the market catering to the educated Canadian desi diaspora who want to know
what's happening in their cities, and stay abreast of the trends 'back
home' as well. Since we have the best of both worlds, it is good to have a
magazine that covers the best of both the worlds, stylistically speaking.
I also like the fact that your cover stories are different, one never knows
who will be on the cover, your recent Audrey Hepburn was absolutely lovely.
She is an epitome of grace, elegance and timelessly classic style, so
reading her profile was a welcome read.
Another feature I like is that of profiling entrepreneurs in Canada.
I think it would do you well to include more features on social issues in
the magazine and then it will be the perfect package!
All teh best to SHE Canada!
-Aaisha Khan

I became a subscriber as I was looking for a magazine that was a bit
different but catered to the south Asian women of today.  That I found in
She Canada.
I am so pleased with my choice.  I love the articles you have had featured
in the magazines.  I love the issue on Priyanka Chopra and her success and
how she achieved it.   The article on the power foods that was done was so
informative which I circulated at my work for others to see and I am so
delightey by Aug/Sept issue cover which has Audrey Hepburn.  She just looks
so graceful and beautiful.   My girls love to look through the magazine and
ooh and ahh over the pictures. On that note I say what can I say?  I am so
happy with my choice and glad I made an impulsive decision to subscribe to
SHE Canada.
-Sabiha Mohtat

I love all the fashion updates of SHE magazine!????????
I enjoy reading different articles from the magazine in my free time.
SHE magazine is a great resource, which keeps me in a loop for up coming
eastern and western fashion trends.
I really appreciate that you had taken initiative and introduced quality
Asian magazine with informative and entertaining articles for our
-Maha Taufiq

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