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Call For a [Body] Revolution

A point of conversation at the SHE office as of late— and around the world it would seem— has been Lady Gaga’s Body Revolution. Recently, Gaga debuted photos of her new “curvier” figure, calling for an acceptance of people of all different shapes and sizes and encouraging her fans to send in photos of their flawed bodies in attempts to reclaim themselves as beautiful. Media scrutiny of the female body is nothing new, and we at SHE are glad to see such a prominent figure taking a stand on an issue that effects so many young, vulnerable women. We also, however, take contention with the assertion that those now-famous photographs of Gaga in bright yellow undergarments are meant to depict her “weight-gain.” If you haven't already done so, take a look to see what we mean. To send the message to the young and impressionable that this is what curvier women look like is borderline destructive all on its own. Nonetheless, Gaga’s call for a Revolution has elicited a mostly positive response, with many of the photos posted on the Little Monsters website sending a truly body-positive message. The time for someone of Gaga’s influence and reach to take a stand on this issue that affects so many is way past due, particularly given her existing track record on the matter.   Other beautiful and successful women who have been fighting the good fight in matters of body-positivity since they first ventured into the spotlight include Brit pop superstar Adele and Oscar-nominated actress Gabourey Sidibe. In fact, Sidibe spoke out just this past weekend at the Women’s Inspiration and Enterprise conference in Manhattan regarding her struggle with body image. She points out that she grew up without ever really seeing herself represented on the television screen and had to make the conscious decision to be happy with herself in order to gain the confidence she now has and, indeed, the confidence that allowed her to audition for her breakout role in Precious.   SHE is definitely glad that Sidibe was able to take that step and is now in the spotlight, letting everyone know that your shape, size, and colour do not, and should not, determine your worth in the world. We also want everyone to know that we fully stand behind the Body Revolution, and are looking forward to seeing women of more and more varying appearances all over the fashion and entertainment scene.   You tell me it's the institution, well you know, You better free your mind instead.  - "Revolution" by The Beatles.

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