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Bombing at the Boston Marathon

By: Zahra Syed On Monday, April 15th, otherwise known as Patriots’ Day in the city of Boston, two bombs went off at the finish line of the world renowned Boston Marathon. What began as a friendly fun-spirited competition resulted in 3 dead and 144 people injured, with 15 in critical condition as reported by CNN. Among the 3 dead was and 8-year-old child, Martin Richard, who was in the crowd at the finish line when the first bomb went off. He was waiting to watch his father cross the finish line, ice-cream in hand and laughing with his sister. His 6-year-old sister was also injured by the bomb, and is reported to have lost her leg. The two explosions took place within 50 seconds of one another, about 50 to 100 yards apart. Thousands of marathon runners were still on their way to the finish line and many spectators who were injured were lined up alongside the route. The blasts shattered storefront windows, sending shards of glass and other fragments into the crowd or spectators. 8248570 Hearing about any type of deadly attack in the West can cause a lot of media attention and chaos. The bombing in Boston is a real tragedy, and those responsible should be condemned for their actions and brought to justice. That said, many bombings and attacks of violence occur on a daily basis in the Middle East such as Syria, Pakistan and Iraq. Just earlier today, up to 30 bombings occurred across Iraq killing 50 innocent people, including four children, and injuring nearly 300 more. Boston-Marathon-bombing-runners-jpg It may be easy for some to conclude that western lives are valued at a higher standard than those in the Middle East. Or perhaps people tend to follow the general rule: out of sight, out of mind. Undeniably, a greater amount of coverage was given to the occurrence in Boston than the same-day happenings in the East. The horrific incident that occurred in Boston is definitely important and extremely newsworthy. But what we should also remember are the tragedies that take place in other areas across the globe. Any victims of violent attacks regardless of their nationality are innocent human beings being targeted, and should always be the objects of compassion for us all.

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