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Black Friday

Black Friday is the day to shop, but this year with so much demand for so many products, many stores are opening their doors at 8pm tonight. Walmart and Sears customers will be able to start shopping the deals tonight at as early as 8pm. Target will be open at 9pm and keeping up with tradition – Best Buy will be open at midnight – on actual Black Friday. With stores opening tonight, there is much to say for the employees that work there, this means they will not be able to spend a traditional thanksgiving dinner with their families because they will have to be at work. It is understandable for those who are shopping, they can leave early to run out for the sale and come back home to their families or go later on once dinner is finished. The sales however do look pretty fantastic, and don’t worry most of them are available on line for those who do not want to brave the lines or for those of you that are in Canada. The hottest sale items this year? It all depends on the store you decide to camp out front of! At Walmart they are selling Nintendo Wii for $89 and the Apple IPAD 2 with a 75$ gift card to Walmart for $399. At Best Buy the Toshiba 40” HDTV is selling for a record low of $179.99. Most sales are only going to be going on from the time they open their door which is either tonight or early early tomorrow morning and last throughout the day. If you do not have the chance to get their before the sale ends and all the items are gone, then Cyber Monday is for you! All the sales you want to participate in are going to be available online ONLY on Monday November 26th. Make sure you check out the websites of the stores to know exactly when their sale is. Happy Shopping!

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