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Beauty and the Beast ‘Gay Moment’ Controversy

Beauty and the Beast is set to release on March 17. However, controversy began after one of its characters, LeFou, manservant to the movie’s villain Gaston, identified as gay. Countries like Malaysia have indefinitely postponed the movie screening, even though film censors on Tuesday stated that it had been approved after a minor cutting of the “gay moment” scene had been made.

However, this morning Disney reported they would not be allowing any cuts to be made. So, it unclear now whether or not the film will be released at all in Malaysia.

Russia approved the movie, but banned children from under 16 from watching it.

In 2010, Malaysia’s censors loosen decades of restrictions on sexual and religious content in films, but still monitored kissing, passionate hugs, and bikinis under very strict rules. Gay characters could be shown in movies, but only if they were playing a role where they were repentant for their actions or depicted in a negative light. Homosexuality is illegal in Malaysia under both secular and religious laws and is punishable by a prison sentence or corporal methods.

In North America, the movie will be screened as normal. We are lucky enough to live in a part of the world where openness and acceptance are being associated with storytelling instead of ignorance.

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By Rhea Braganza

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