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BB Creams: Getting the Facts Straight

By: Liz Guber BB Creams seem to be blowing up in the beauty industry these days, and if you don't believe us, just take a trip down the cosmetics aisle in any drugstore. These so-called miracle skin perfectors are popping up from almost every beauty line, from drugstore to high-end. Yet not all BBs are what they seem. Read on to find out what really is a BB cream, and what is nothing more than a glorified tinted moisturizer in disguise. BB stands for beauty or blemish balm in Western markets, it was originally developed in Germany in the 1960s, though it was in South Korea and Japan -nations that place a lot of value in perfect, porcelain complexions, where it really gained prominence. A BB Cream acts as a primer, moisturizer and sunblock all in one, some even offer skin whitening properties, though Western brands such as Estee Lauder have chosen not to include it in their versions. To us time-deprived mere mortals, a skin product that offers coverage for our blemishes while working to improve the look and feel of our skin seems like a multitasker's dream come true. But before getting too excited, let's pause and see if BB creams - especially the ones developed by the big name beauty companies are all that they claim to be. At its core, a BB Cream is a tinted moisturizer with skin brightening and SPF. A BB Cream that labels itself as such without having SPF, is by many die-hard BB Cream fanatics, not considered a BB Cream. It seems that a new BB Cream pops up every week, as competing beauty brands try to outdo one another. Be wary, as some brands have been accused of taking an existing product (light coverage foundation, or a tinted moisturizer) and slapping on a new label that says BB Cream, don't fall for this easy marketing ploy, unless you're a big believer in the placebo effect. As with any purchase, the term "Buyer Beware" rings true when it comes to BBs. Take it from someone who once spent over a hundred dollars on a skin care brush hoping it would be a life-changing product, go into the purchase with a healthy dose of skepticism, to avoid disappointment when the product doesn't turn out to be all that you dreamed. Lastly, try to shop at a place where you can either grab a tester, or return if the product turns out to be a dud. So, is your BB Cream bubble burst? Fear not, here are a couple of picks that passed SHE's inspection. Marcelle BB Cream: very moisturizing and offers a good amount of coverage. We also love the hygienic pump bottle. Bobbi Brown BB Cream: who other that the queen of natural-looking makeup would produce a BB worth trying? It also has an impressive SPF of 35.

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