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Bad girls do it well

By: Summun Jafri On November 4th M.I.A. was at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City for an Artist’s lecture. The event was basically an intimate lecture featuring M.I.A., during which she explained her musical inspirations and the elements that went into making her last three albums. During the lecture M.I.A. confirmed that she is working on a collaboration with Versace. This is extremely exciting news, because this could quite possibly be one of the most explosive and vibrant collabortations between a designer and an artist in recent years (or ever!).   M.I.A. possesses a style unlike any other. Not only does her music have a sound of it’s own, she has created an image for herself that is completely original, and both her music and style mesh so well together. She’s often seen wearing fun, loud, and unique outfits, and it’s undeniable that she uses South Asian inspiration often. When I first stumbled upon the ad campaign she did with Marc by Marc Jacobs, I remember I was inspired by the way she was perceived as a style icon. Unlike most of the typical model types we see in these kind of ads, M.I.A. represented a South Asian woman with imperfect hair, dark skin, and the ability to seriously rock any outfit she put on. She gave the brand an entirely new spin, and as a result made me see that I too could put my own spin on any Marc by Marc Jacobs outfit.     A collaboration by M.I.A. and Versace is bound to be filled with tones of colour, patterns, and metallics. I’m confident that it won’t just be another collaboration where the artist simply sticks their name on a product which they’ve had no creative input. If there’s one thing M.I.A. isn’t lacking, it’s creativity. I’m sure these ladies won’t disappoint.      

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