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Back with a BANG

Back with a BANG! by: Yvette Naniuzeyi Celebrities are always looking for a new hairstyle to rock, but it seems like the bangs are here to stay. They never really went out of style, but they’re becoming the main attraction nowadays. What’s not to love about the bang look? They work on almost all face shapes. Before you decide to go for the chop, look at famous celebrity bang styles for insight. Side swept bangs is an awesome style to rock and still show a woman’s beautiful facial features with confidence. Keira Knightley and Cameron Diaz prove that it works well with wavy and straight hair textures. Keira Knightley’s wavy hair makes her side swept bangs a nice contrast. From her hair to her eyes, Keira Knightley gives herself a daring and attractive look. Cameron Diaz’s straight blonde beach hair compliments her side swept bangs effortlessly.

 If the side swept style isn’t really your thing, why not try the straight look.Straight bangs are very versatile depending on the hairstyle. Rihanna’s mid-length fringe with bold makeup gives her a sharper and edgier look while Zooey Deschanel’s straight bangs and dark brown wavy hair make her beautiful blue eyes prominent. If you want a softer look, turn to Camilla Belle’s sleek bang style. Her straight bangs with natural makeup give her an innocent girl next-door type of look. Straight bangs are what make hairstyles so iconic.  

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