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Another Photoshop Fail!

By: Myrtle Jurado Yeah, sometimes body parts get edited out via Photoshop; gotta hide the "fat", trim the thighs, clear up the skin -- we get it. Clearly, though, some companies also have a fear of knees (genuphobia, if you were wondering) because it seems that knees are a popular body part when it comes to photochopping. Remember back in March when Forever21 decided kneecaps just weren't trendy enough to be featured on their models? Banana Republic apparently feels the same way. But seriously, what is up with advertisers and their genuphobia?! It's bad enough that even models have thighs that are too thick, uneven skin, and love handles - now how are the rest of us normal women supposed to feel? Ugh. Stupid kneecaps.  

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