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Anita Mansata: Fashion Juxtaposed

The Picasso exhibit departed Toronto yesterday (here's a recap) and SHE is already looking to new art to feed our insatiable appetite for inspiration. Enter artist Anita Mansata, whose clever commentary on consumerism and fashion has us hooked! Mansata is the definition of a mixed media artist, incorporating inks, dyes, paints and collages using images from fashion magazines to create multi-dimensional pieces that never fail to spark a reaction. There definitely something Picasso-esque about the eclectic, energetic and sometimes awkwardly placed subjects in Mansata's work. Into the Void (left) and The Birdcage (right) feature prominent use of fashion imagery. Anita Mansata's current exhibit, Fashion Juxtaposed is on display at the JAMAAT Gallery in Mumbai.  

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