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Anisha Parmar London

By Lindsay Cooper Jewellery designer Anisha Parmar was born and raised in North West London and was tempered by not just her own family heritage, but also the melting pot heritage of her city. From her London studio, Parmar definitely draws from these eclectic influences as well as her formal training from the London College of Fashion, with collections and individual pieces visibly bearing the varied cultures that make up London’s urban landscape. One such collection is the Empire Collection, which draws on the convergence of British and Indian cultures, featuring pieces reminiscent of tribal and colonial jewellery seen during the British Raj in India. Using natural elements like wood and mother of pearl, both common aspects in Indian design, the collection easily shows its Indian inspiration. The designer’s modern British upbringing also makes itself present through the added acrylic detailing and contemporary cuts, with the collection featuring chokers and oversized glitter incrusted accents alongside more traditional pieces. While mixing her own heritage with a modern London twist is a specialty of Parmar’s, she also draws from other cultures that have made their mark on the London scene. Her Indigo Collection is one example of that, reinterpreting Mayan forms to suit the 21st century woman. Inspired by British poet Edward James’ surrealist sculptures found in Las Pozas, the jeweller uses specially produced acrylic encased gold and copper as well as indigo blue marble acrylic to further infuse her Mayan influences with a western flair. While the label is hugely reflective of British historical heritages, Anisha Parmar London is also a creative outlet for the designer to explore her own family’s heritage. The label’s first line, The Authorized Identity Collection, explored her familial history through warrior inspired themes in her sculptural wood and metal headpieces, belts, shoulder pieces, and corsets. While exploring her own experience being part of a migrant family, Parmar also expresses a universal story of finding an identity as an immigrant. Image Credit: Anisha Parmar

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