Angelina Jolie’s Eponymous Jewellery Line to Fund School in Afghanistan

By Eloise Alba As if Oscar-winning actress, film director and UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) Goodwill ambassador weren’t enough, Angelina Jolie adds Designer to her dignified curriculum vitae. “Style of Jolie” is a high-end jewellery line that Angelina co-created with Beverly Hills jeweller Robert Procop (the same man Brad Pitt enlisted to create Jolie’s stunning tablet-shaped engagement ring). “Through our collaboration, Angelina has drawn upon her personal inspirations and influences to develop her style. Together we strive for nothing less than artistic innovation,” Procop explains. The collection is exquisite but the culmination of Jolie's most elegant endeavour is her heartfelt mission to donate 100% (yes, that means all) of profits to Education Partnership for Children in Conflict. The ultimate goal: “To build a school in Afghanistan.” angelina-jolie-goodwill Jolie has openly professed her support for girls’ education. She has already funded a girls-only primary school in an area outside of Kabul (a region that ordinarily discounts girls’ education) and most recently acknowledged Malala Yousafzai—the Pakistani teenager who garnered global attention when she was shot by the Taliban for her outspoken advocacy to emphasize girls’ education. In his website, Procop sums it up best: “From one endeavour, her creative vision draws two equally impressive outcomes: to transform the finest gems into transcendent works of art, and ultimately, to improve the lives of many who are in need.” The line will be available exclusively at Tivol, a Kansas City, Missouri jeweller. To view Angelina Jolie’s “Style of Jolie” collection, click here.

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