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American Vogue is Going High-Tech with Apple’s iPhone X


One of the biggest fashion magazines in the world, Vogue US, has been partnering with Apple to create an AR-powered feature that can be accessed through the Vogue app on the new iPhone X! It has Face ID, which allows iPhone lovers to use multiple filters that resemble Snapchat and Instagram.  The most talked about aspect of the app is the augmented reality feature, which is titled "The Vogue Effect." This feature allows iPhone X users to add the custom fashion filters to their photo, while uniquely connecting the filters to their iMessage! Once the app is installed the process is complete!

The magazine's goal is to merge high fashion and technology. For example, ARKit technology will layer Spring and Summer 2018 fashion trends over the camera's background, producing a captivating image that is available for download or can be sent as an iMessage. One of the filters previewed is the "21st-century spin on disco glamour."

The "21st-century spin on disco glamour" filter.  Photo Courtesy of Business of Fashion.

Vogue and Apple hope to collaborate with other talented professionals in the fashion industry to produce more trend filters and fashion-tech ideas in the future.  For the fashion fanatics and fans of technology out there, get ready for the iPhone X feature that comes out on December 1, 2017.

By: Alaina Pawlowicz

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