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Amanda Zapp’s Textile Media Sculptures Hit Mumbai

By: Sufia Imam  A few months ago Andrea Zapp, an American textile and media artist found herself in India for new design inspiration while attending an art residency in Ahmedabad. During her stay, she landed a promising opportunity to exhibit her art in Mumbai where she presented her digital experiments of art. Zapp is fascinated by the combination of textile media, narrative data and digital imagery; while using methods of fabric print, dressmaking, embroidery and sculpture as her media of art. In her current exhibition titled Third Skin: An Exhibition of Textile Media Sculpture, her work displays dresses that portray urban landscapes and rural panoramas printed onto delicate fabrics like crepe-de-chine silk. Geographically, the images on the dresses were taken in inner city neighborhoods and in old textile mills in Ahmedabad. Amanda Zapp plays with Canadian media guru Marshal McLuhan's philosophy of media becoming extensions of the body. With this, Zapp similarly affirms that clothing is in fact an extension of the skin.

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