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Why are some people #BoycottingTarget?

Joseph Altuzarra, Eva Herzigova, and Peter Lindbergh got together for the Altuzarra for Target ad campaign. The campaign, shot by Lindbergh, features Horzigova in a hotel room with Altuzarra for Target bags around her. These elegant shots really convey that Altuzarra is sticking to his highbrow aesthetic, which is something that gets lost along the way for many similar collaborations. The entire collection gives off an updated 70’s vibe. It will launch online and in stores September 14th. MTIzMDQ5NjYzODk2NzgyMzQ4 MTE5NDg0MDYyNDQzMzQxMzI3 MTIxNDI3Mjk1MzQ2NTkxMjQ1 While most people in the fashion world are incredibly excited, some fans are very displeased. Blogger Chastity Garner Valentine started the hashtag trend #BoycottingTarget on Twitter after discovering the collection wouldn’t include true plus sizes. As Chastity puts it: "Literally 50 pieces of beautiful (and I mean beautiful) affordable clothing and none of it will be remotely close to the size that I wear. The collection consists of deeps hues of burgundy, fabulous snakeskin prints, and fall worthy, silk-like maxi dresses…enough to make any fashion lover lust. My heart sinks. You [have] once again made me feel like a second-class customer, and because of that I’m going to have to discontinue my relationship with you altogether." Joshua Thomas, a spokesperson for Target, provided the following statement: "We never want our guests to feel disappointed, and if we’ve let them down, we apologize. We appreciate the opportunity to hear directly from our guests. We’ll take this feedback into consideration as we move forward. In the meantime, we offer a variety of plus options. We’ll also be introducing a new plus line in the near future that features a focus on the latest styles, all at great prices." Here are some of our favorite looks: 3 5 8 2 7 1 6 4 9 10  

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