Alexander Wang, Balenciaga and Paris Fashion Week

Balenciaga, one of most anticipated runway shows of the week debuted Alexander Wang on Thursday as the new head designer for the house. Alexander Wang the 29 year-old whose clothes are perceived as downtown edgy-chic, had to reach the expectations of his successor, Nicolas Ghesquiere. His collection brought back Cristobal Balenciaga visions: a rounded 1950’s shape for the up-to-date generation that has always been on the move. He stayed true to the house’s tradition of using high-tech and cutting edge materials, as well as clothing that is not only couture but also meant to be worn. There is little doubt from critics that Wang’s Balenciaga debut will be a commercially successful one. Alexander Wang’s said his design vision was a 6th sense as to what women want to wear and the contrast between things that are monolithic like marble statues and things that are imperfect, also mentioning that his new collection is the first chapter to retell Balenciaga’s story. Ghesquiere included multilayer and intricate pieces while Alexander went for new in a simple way: “made the avant-garde and made it everyday”. alexander 1   alexander 2   alexander 5  

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