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Acid Attack Survivor is the “Face of Courage’ for Indian Sari Brand

Indian sari brand, Viva n Diva have won our hearts with their latest campaign, “Face of Courage.” They’ve cast an acid attack survivor, Laxmi Saa as the face for their new line of saris. Laxmi Saa was only 15 years old when a 32 year old man threw acid on her face for refusing his proposal. A decade later, Saa is now an advocate calling for stricter regulations on acid sales and harsher sentences for perpetrators of acid attackers. Talking to BBC, Saa shared that she hoped her being the face of this campaign would encourage other acid attack victims to be more confident and courageous. “This was also a platform for me to send a clear message to criminals that women will not lose courage, even after they are attacked with acid to destroy their physical beauty,” she said. Corrosive acids are easy to buy in South Asia. In India and Pakistan, it becomes the weapon of choice for men who want to seek revenge on women who have spurned their romantic overtures, proposals, or offended them in any way. Many of these attacks go unreported. Rupesh Jhawar, the co-founder of Viva N Diva, told BBC that the brand wanted to capture the beauty, seen in a very different way and, “any speck of being a victim from those eyes and give them a stage, an employment, a platform, a medium to flaunt it with style." Our sentiments, exactly.

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