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A Magazine Based on Interns?

By Roxanne Bildan   No one ever said it was easy. I mean isn’t there an old saying that you have to start from the bottom to work your way to the top? This certainly holds true for the intern life. Life as an intern has its perks, but there are days when you just want to run far away and live on a beach somewhere in paradise. But, let’s be honest, that’s never going to happen, unless of course, you hit jackpot… Having worked a variety of internships, I can say that they are not all the same. It is a no brainer that a few corporations out there are taking advantage of bright interns and not much credit has been given towards their accomplished work. Fortunately, I have yet to experience this! However, there are a number of interns out there in the world that do not receive the same amount of credit and working privileges, and to think that most of them are unpaid is mindboggling. On one hand, there are lawsuits aimed at securing compensation and petitions created to issue unpaid internships as illegal. However, not many of these initiatives have proven successful and who knows when it will ever be. That said, coffee runs and late night work will continue to exist in the unethical world we live in. But hey, at least it will get us somewhere? Thankfully, someone has thought of a new way to get us acknowledged. A Kickstarter has been launched in the name of a new project, a magazine called "Intern" by Alex Dudson, which claims that it will “showcase the best unpaid intern talent across the creative industries and initiate a debate about intern culture and its effects.” Finally, interns can be recognized for their work and personal experiences. Not only that, but interns will be able to relate to the magazine! On the Kickstarter website, readers are able to catch a glimpse of the upcoming issues. The magazine’s front cover already looks cool! The groovy photography sets the magazine in motion, not to mention its unique stories and articles mixed within. It’s nice to see someone mixing it up and starting something new. Cannot wait to get a hold of "Intern".  


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