A Look Into The Royal Closet

"Fashion Rules" at Kensington Palace   By Jennifer Naraine     Taking a sneak-speak inside the fabulous wardrobe of Her Majesty the Queen, Queen Princess Margaret and Lady Diana, the former Princess of Wales. 921-YWUwF.St.55 mayflower_2607555a              
  Kensington Palace is the place to be starting July 4th, to be welcomed into the fairytale showcase of the gowns that belonged to three of the world's most powerful royals.   The Exhibition is divided into three rooms, each for one of the women displaying her unique sense of style. From tiny waisted gowns worn in the '50s era, to specific hand picked fabrics such as organza silk that were specifically chosen for these women there's really something for everyone. And how could we not mention the embroidery!   Each dress had a specific detail with great meaning. Hardy Amies (British Fashion house) and Norman Hartnell (Womenswear Designer) were the Queen's choice of Designers and every item was created for a specific occassion.   Hardy Amies created an embroidered MayFlower dress for a trip to Nova Scotia in 1959 (MayFlower being the provincial flower).   Normal Hartnell also created a themed dress that was the national colours of Pakistan so the Queen could attend a banquet in 1961 hosted by the country's president.   This display of dress and film footage will take us back to the inspirational eras. The  classy 1950s, outspoken 1960/70s and the rebellious 80s which is a privileged of a life time. "Fashion Rules" is running at Kensington, Palace, London from July 4th, 2013 onwards.

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