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A Look at Midnight’s Children Costumes Designed by Ritu Kumar

Its seems like only yesterday that SHE attended the premiere and gala for Midnight's Children at the Toronto International Film Festival. Allow us to reminisce a bit by taking a look at the breathtaking per-independence wedding costumes designed by one of India's mos iconic names in fashion, Ritu Kumar.

When faced with the task of designing such intricate, and historically accurate pieces Ritu Kumar had the fortune of referencing her own book, Costumes and Textiles in Royal India. Published in 1999, the book includes never-before seen examples of Indian costumes dating as far back as the 17th century.

When crafting the garments, Kumar elected to use vegetable dyes, and semi-precious stones for the jewellery. Because female members of the royal family were not allowed to be photographed, Kumar only had the physical garments to serve as inspiration for many of looks. Kumar compared the clothes of the era to art. Looking at the photos of her work, we couldn't agree more.  

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