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A Comic Book For Fashionistas

By: Sufia Imam Fashion designer Phillip Lim has used his creative wits to produce his very own comic book…on fashion! Here at SHE, we’re offering readers a little snippet of what it’s all about. Titled Kill the Night, the comic book was co-written by Lim himself, along with John Ostrander; illustrations were done by the hand of Jan Duursema, most famously known for his works on the Star Wars comics. The comic book is heavily comprised of dark, neo-noir women that look like they came straight out of the films Sin City and V for Vendetta which reflects heavily on Phillip Lim’s stylistic approach in his new and upcoming fall collection. The plot of the comic book is about duality and metamorphosis, exploring themes such as love and hate and black and white. To get your hands on a copy of this comic book, visit the 3.1 Phillip Lim’s website for more details:

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