Ceramic Jewellery – Gallery

  A Bit Of Clay On The Skin – Ceramic Jewellery Gallery   By Jennifer Naraine   Did you think ceramic was only used for plates, tiles and other home décor accessories? This Ceramic Jewellery Gallery tells us otherwise!   It’s a new inspiration for jewellery that has been reinterpreted into new ways by 20 artists from around the world; French, Swedish, German, Swiss, Finnish, Dutch, Swedish and Thai artists all contributed to this intriguing exhibition all with their own defined ceramic creations.   “Jewellery has long been an indication of social status, the outward sign of an individuals belongings to a group and society, as well as the expression of a desire to be different,” explains the Gallery.   As we have seen over the years jewellery has not only been made using silver or gold, this is the perfect example that other methods and techniques have been used to create something different and wearable. 2013-07-11 11.38.41 This exhibition is a must see which started May 16th – August 11th  at the Gardiner Museum.      2013-07-11 11.35.08 2013-07-11 11.38.26     It welcomes us into a world of inspiration on an entirely new level

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