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5 Ways To Keep SHE-ic In The Heat

By: Antoinette Boachie With summer around the corner you may be wondering how to remain fashionable in all this heat. Here are 5 stylish tips to stay cool this season. 1.      Colour Blocking Wearing light colours this summer is the best way to keep cool and deflect heat. Dark colors attract and absorb light and heat, wearing light and bright colours this summer will help deflect the sun's rays, keeping you body's temperature lower. With colour blocking a major fashion trend this summer, wearing bright colors is one of the season's best bets to beat the heat. 2.   Linen Linen Linen! Wearing linen has always been a summer favourite. Not only because it looks great but is perfect for the heat as well. The nature of the flax fibres keeps the fabric away from the skin allowing it to breathe in the heat. 3.      Silk Scarves Staying cool but professional in the workplace poses a dilemma for many employees. Traditional work attire requires long-sleeved shirts, trousers and heavy fabrics  which may not be comfortable in the heat. Ways to remain professional but cool this summer is to embrace textured material like cotton and linen; skirts or dresses, place your hair in an up do and wear a silk scarf if you to keep cool. Also remember adding a bright coloured blazer to any outfit will always keep you professional - for those chilly air-conditioned offices. 4.      Summer Dresses Summer dresses paired with sandals and jewellery can always keep you fashionable in the heat. The maxi dress has successfully crossed over into mass fashion and is one of the best ways to keep cool as the mercury rises. They also come in every imaginable color, print or style.   5.      Have fun with it Do not be afraid to mix and match prints and colours. Wear colourful shoes, accessorize, add a cool pair of sunglasses to any outfit and BE CREATIVE.

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