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3 Hot New Shoe Designers You Need to Know About

In this post-Gaga age, as the heel climbs to towering, new heights, so does the frivolity. SHE is bringing you three of the hottest up-and-coming shoe designers, so you can be one step ahead (pun intended) of the trends. 1. Max Kibardin This Milan-based designer hails from the icy plains of Siberia and has just expanded into the American market, with his classic shoes that nonetheless remain artful and innovative. Kibardin successfully overcame the problem that plagues many young shoe designers: how to create groundbreaking designs without relying on gimmick. His shoes surprise and awe, with clever use of colour, texture and shape.                   2. Gianvito Rossi The son of famed shoe designer Sergio Rossi, talent is in his genes. Gianvito's shoe line has been around since 2007, and features strong, ladylike footwear for all occasions.               3. Alejandro Ingelmo Working in his Soho studio in Manhattan, Ingelmo mixes influences of his Cuban roots and the edge and style of New York. His shoes, dubbed "Al's" by industry insiders, have gained a cult following  among fashion editors and celebrities.        

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