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New ASOS Design Jumpsuit is a Match for All


The online British clothing and beauty retailer, ASOS, has proved (once again!) that fashion isn't exclusive to what's been socially constructed as "beautiful" based on one's physical appearance. The brand recently released a jumpsuit in their "ASOS Design" range but it's not just your typical jumpsuit, it's been designed to be wheelchair-friendly! What's great about this move by ASOS is that they've collaborated with the BBC reporter and Paralympic athlete, Chloe Ball-Hopkins, who sported the waterproof rain-coat on the website. Chloe revealed on twitter that she's been working with ASOS for awhile to make fashion more accessible for all.

The tie-dye colours of the jumpsuit is perfect for the festival season and appropriate on rainy days if you attend (because a bad weather won't not stop us from going right?); you'll still look great and chic of course! It's waterproof and has longer hem at the back to stop the discomfort of the clothing from riding up.

The online retailer had been recognized in the past for their efforts in fashion inclusivity; from the unedited photos of their models to making sure that fashion catered for all shapes and sizes. We're hoping that more brands in the future will do the same because fashion is made for everyone and should be enjoyed by everyone.

If you want to get your hands on the jumpsuit, click here!

By Mary Angeline Joven

Twitter: @SHECanada Facebook: SHE Canada Instagram: @shecanada


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